This free community garden is for the enjoyment of ALL. Everyone is welcome to relax, care for the garden and enjoy the harvests. 
Please enjoy the garden during daylight hours only.
See a weed? Pull it up.
Plants look thirsty? Water away. (We do have a timer system that waters the plants every morning.)
See a ripe fruit, vegetable, or herb? Take it home with you. 
Want to relax? Grab a spot and enjoy!
Want to sing and dance? Go for it! The plants will love it. 
This is an ORGANIC garden. Please do not apply any herbicide, pesticide, or fertilizer without speaking with a garden committee member first.
Enjoy the Garden!

Sunday Services

8:15 am & 10:00 am

3245 Manhattan Blvd.   Harvey, LA 70058

Episcopal Church

St. Mark's